Jewelry Care

Jewelry Care

Everything you need to know to keep your jewelry in optimal conditions.

Our pieces are handmade in brass and plated in 24K Yellow Gold or in 925 0r 950 sterling silver. To maintain your piece looking as good as new for the longest time keep this in mind:
  • Do not expose it to water. Remove your jewelry while exercising, bathing, showering and swimming to ensure the life of plated jewels.

  • Clean it with this soft cotton cloth after each individual use, in order to remove excess oils from skin. Avoid any abrasive materials or chemicals when cleaning it may cause discoloration.

  • We recommend applying perfumes, lotions, cosmetics and hair spray prior to putting on your jewelry to prevent dulling or splotching the plated finish of the pieces.

  • Remember keeping your jewelry in the provided pouch when you are not wearing it to avert scratching and to keep it away from oxygen as much as possible. Oxygen with metal equals rust.
Just remember jewelry can scratch with wear; this is normal, and just shows how much you love your DIANA LECOMPTE piece. 
**Diana Lecompte is not responsible for the maintenance or improper care of your jewelry.