Collection: Capsule For those who have ears

Inspired by the sculpture ‘For Those Who Have Ears' [No.2] by Richard Deacon.

"The power of speech is a social condition of being human, to be an individual. The power of speech is meaningless, language only achieves its meaning in discourse or in the social world.  ... I think of making things, structuring, as being an activity not unlike the power of speech, in that it is a means of giving shape ... it's obviously not in the same order as language, but it's a means whereby the world, a chaotic universe, is actually made understandable ... so some of the references within the work are to do with making the work, on the one hand structured, to indicate that kind of shaping process and on the other hand, echoing, sounding devices or listening devices ... in order to indicate some of the parallels with ... the power of speech."

They are only earrings small sculptural jewelry pieces are lines that create volumes around the ear. They are spatial drawings... I knew the sort of shape that I wanted to use, I knew the size I wanted to make it, I knew I wanted to modify statement pieces into smaller ones..

There is something else involved just in the way of making things ... it seems to be more than just a technical process. It seems to be a very rich process just in terms of the kinds of notions one has ... to do with meanings. I try to make the line at the edge create the volume. I don't start from a drawing, unless I'm making a jig but then I draw the shape full size straight off. I do draw occasionally, whilst I'm making things, in a notebook fashion. I also doodle fairly repetitively. They are bad drawings, but they are mine and it is the only way to not forget my ideas. This collection represents my interest in the way eyes, ears and mouths channel our perceptions of the world. A world that has changed a lot since 2020.

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