Collection: Le Onde Collection

Introducing Le Onde collection named after the works of art of Lucio Fontana and the one line drawings of Pablo Picasso. In a drawing the line is the basic element a simple stroke of a pencil gives life to a shape on paper, a line of metal can become a sculpture in a space.

This collection captures the power of a line in the space to make modern, sculptural and unusual pieces of jewelry. Behind this apparent simplicity they are linear contours that suggest shapes, layers of rich and complex meaning. Fontana the leader of the ‘spatialist’ movement used to say: “An earth-bound form occupies a place, if I empty this form I create a space…” .

Combining the midst of the brass a very malleable material with baroque cultured pearls, symbol of the perfect imperfection, irregular and one of a kind. The imperfections and displacements of form are entirely intentional in every piece. Consider that any difference among our pieces is a virtue and not as a fault. Everything is handmade by skilled colombian artisans.

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