Everything you need to know about your Sun, Rising and Moon sign

Sometimes you don't feel identified with your zodiac sign?

We are composed of different energies sent by constellations. Being 100% of a sign is practically impossible. We are affected by the energy of the sun, the moon and the ascendant. A large part of our personality is determined by our place and our time of birth.  

  Sun sign: it indicates where in the zodiac the sun passed when we were born. This sign is the easiest to know, because we only need to know our day of birth and place. We usually know our sign and we can find it in the horoscopes that appear in the newspaper, magazines or Instagram memes. The sun sign speaks of the characteristics of our personality. It reflects our identity and our deepest desires. Each sign of the zodiac brings characteristics of light and shadow, of high and low energy, and for this reason it is said that, when we know in depth the features of our sign, we can also know the brightest and darkest regions of who we are.

  Ascendant: to know our ascendant, it is essential to know the time we were born, it will indicate which zodiac sign occupies the 1st house of our astral chart. Many astrologers recommend also reading the horoscope of our ascendant to have a clearer picture of the energies that the planets bring for us.

The ascendant shows how we present ourselves to the world and how we are perceived by others. It talks about our physique, how we dress and how we relate to the outside world. For many astrologers, the ascendant also indicates those aspects of our personality that sometimes become obstacles and that we must work to fulfill our destiny.

  Moon: it indicates the place where the moon was at the time we were born. This sign talks about how we live our emotions: how we are when we fall in love, how we deal with sadness and anger, and how we are when we are very happy. For some astrologers, the moon sign marks the relationship we had with our mother and it is important because it shows us those aspects of our past and our childhood that we must work on to achieve a better awareness of ourselves.

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